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Reliable Dishwasher repair service
Dishwasher repair in Sacramento
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Dishwasher repair service

Wash cycle does not start
  • filter clogging
  • nozzle clogging
  • circular pump
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Leaking water


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Not starting or not turning on
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Not draining \ Not drying
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Not filling with water \ Overflows
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Loud noise
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Not dispense detergent
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Does not pick up detergent
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Doesn't heat, overheats
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Dishwasher parts we replace:

Dishwashers have a rather complex construction. Regardless of the company of the manufacturer, they consist of the following elements:

  • electric motor;
  • water heater (TEN) – can be either wet or dry type;
  • inlet valve – installed on the cold water supply pipe;
  • drain pump and outlet (check) valve – provides removal of dirty water and prevents it from entering the device from sewer pipes;
  • filters – installed both on the cold water supply and on the waste water drain;
  • sprinkler arms – installed in the working chamber and provide uniform distribution of water under a certain pressure throughout the internal volume;
  • central controller (control board) – contains in memory a sequence of actions corresponding to all modes of operation.

We stock basic dishwasher parts for all brands of dishwashers. Therefore, our technician will be able to replace it in a short time.

Dishwasher repair is available in any Sacramento neighborhood.

Best specialists

We repair the following types of washer

Factory Authorized

Brands We Service

Technicians of the company “Capital Appliances repair” have many years of experience, which allows you to diagnose and repair the malfunction of devices of all major brands.

How we work

Step-By-Step repair

Breakdown analysis

We will contact you within 10 minutes and listen to your problem.

Departure of master

Our repairman will come to you and make a detailed diagnosis.

Repair of Dishwasher

The fixer will perform the necessary repairs right in your home.

Issuing a guarantee

After the repair is completed, you will receive a 6 months warranty.


Our advantages

Our experienced dishwasher repairman provides maintenance and repair service at customers’ homes. He arrives with the tools and expertise to get dishwashers functioning again.

We are ready to send our specialist at a convenient time for you on the next day after the request. The master will contact you 1 hour prior to arrival to clarify the time of the visit once again.

Repairs Offered

Our technician can fix all types of dishwasher problems including: clogged or dirty filters, water leaks, control panel issues, problems with the spray arms, noisy operation, door latch problems, issues with the detergent dispenser, and draining failures. He can repair all major brands and maintain appliances so they operate properly.

Cost of repair

The cost of repair depends on the time of work of the master, as well as on the replacement parts of your appliance. We try to make the cost of repairs affordable for our customers. The exact price of repair will be given by the master after inspection of the dishwasher. Inspection takes no more than 1 hour. If we service or repair your appliance, the visit and inspection of the appliance is free of charge.

 Branded warranty for repairs 6 months.

We perform all work on time

Certified specialists




Satisfied clients

Numbers about company


Many years of experience in the repair of home equipment of various complexity.


Satisfied clients


Average repair time


Constant clients


Average time until the technician arrives

Dishwasher repair cost

Type of work
Price $
Working hours
Loud noise
from 165
from 1 hour
Leaking water
from 165
from 1 hour
Not starting or not turning on
from 165
from 1 hour
Not draining
from 165
from 1 hour
Not dispense detergent
from 165
from 1 hour
Not filling with water
from 165
from 1 hour
Not drying
from 165
from 1 hour
What Are Some Common Issues with washer machine?
Fridge not cooling properly: Is your fridge not cooling enough?

There could be a problem with the door not sealing or aligning properly. A poorly sealed fridge can let valuable cold air escape instead of trapping it inside. 

The ice maker stopped making ice: Why will your ice maker not make ice?

The line feeding your water inlet valve could be kinked or broken preventing the flow. If water cannot reach the unit, ice cannot be formed. It could also be caused by a faulty valve.

Ice on the freezer floor: Why is there ice on the floor of the freezer?

The drain line could be clogged meaning there is nowhere for the water to go hence it sticks around and freezes on the floor of your freezer.

Making weird noises:

If your fridge is making unusual sounds then it could be out of kilter and need levelling.

A buildup of frost in ice dispenser:

The ice dispenser flap could not be closing as it should, creating frost buildup in this area.


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