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Maintenance and repair of dryer machine

Not spinning

If the drum isn’t turning, the belt could be broken or off track. The motor could also be bad.

Not drying \ No heat

If the dryer won’t heat up, it could be an issue with the heating element, thermostats, thermal fuse, or gas valve coils if it’s a gas dryer.

Not starting or turning on \ Not shutting off
Lint buildup

Lint collecting in the vent hose or around the drum can cause air flow restrictions. This reduces efficiency and can be a fire hazard. Regularly cleaning the lint trap and vents helps prevent buildup.

Stop on the middle cycle \ Cycle not advancing

If the timer is not advancing to the next cycle setting, there may be issues with the timer, selector switch or motor contacts.

Error code
Door issues

A door that won’t latch closed properly or pops open during cycles can be due to broken latches or problems with the strike assembly or door hinges.

Loud noise

Squeaking, grinding or thumping sounds could indicate worn drums supports, bad drums bearings or issues with the blower wheel or motor.

Not drying properly

Long drying times or clothes remaining damp can be caused by poor ventilation, overloaded drum, heavy lint buildup or problems with thermostats or heating systems.

Refrigerator parts we replace:

Regular dryer maintenance and cleaning can help minimize operating issues and breakdowns. Paying attention to unusual sounds or cycle behavior helps identify issues early as well.

Best specialists

We repair the following types of washer

Factory Authorized

Brands We Service

Technicians of the company “Capital Appliances repair” have many years of experience, which allows you to diagnose and repair the malfunction of devices of all major brands.

Professional dryer repair

When your dryer breaks down, it is recommended that you utilize the services of experienced professionals. Only they will be able to service your dryer in a quality and professional manner. The experienced technicians at Capital Appliance Repair are able to identify and fix the problem.

Service center at home

Despite the external similarities, dryers are very different from washing machines. They have a complex air circulation system that works thanks to a multitude of parts. Each of them can cause different breakdowns.

Masters of the company regularly attend advanced training courses and improve their skills. This allows them to repair outdated and modern models of any brand.

In all dryers there are a number of parts that come into disrepair most often:
  • Motor;
  • Condenser;
  • Control board;
  • Drum;
  • Thermal sensor;
  • TEN.

Sometimes there is no possibility to repair the part, and you have to pick up a replacement. “A-Aisberg” uses only original and certified spare parts. They are delivered directly from the warehouse of the service center.

The list of popular works:
  • Replacement of the hatch fixing
  • Repair of the drain pump
  • TEN replacement
  • Drying fan motor replacement
  • Sealing of spigots

* In their work the specialists use only original and certified spare parts. They are delivered from the company’s own warehouse. A warranty card is provided for all work and parts.

How we work

Step-By-Step repair

Breakdown analysis

We will contact you within 10 minutes and listen to your problem.

Departure of master

Our specialist will come to you and make a detailed diagnosis.

Repair of Dryer

The master will perform the necessary repairs right in your home.

Issuing a guarantee

After the repair is completed, you will receive a 6 months warranty.

Our specialists


Our advantages

Technician come to your home to service the appliance. Saves you the hassle of having to transport the machine to a shop. You can call the master at a time convenient for you.

We try to maintain a comfortable level of prices for our customers. The cost is made up of the time spent on repair and the cost of new spare parts. Specialist visit and diagnostics of the technique is always free of charge for you.

He will also suggest repair options. Repair the failed part or replace it if necessary. If you are satisfied with the cost, our specialist will immediately carry out the repair on site. We have basic parts for dryers from all popular manufacturers in stock.

The technician can also check electrical, gas and ventilation utilities on site.

We have extensive experience in servicing and troubleshooting complex dryer problems.

We perform all work on time

Certified specialists




Satisfied clients


Latest works

Dryer repair cost

You can find out the cost of repair by calling our master. Who will inspect the appliance and identify the issue.

Type of work
Price $
Working hours
Door issues
from 165
from 1 hour
Loud noise
from 165
from 1 hour
Not drying
from 165
from 1 hour
Not starting or turning on
from 165
from 1 hour
Not shutting off
from 165
from 1 hour
Stop on the middle cycle
from 165
from 1 hour
Error code
from 165
from 1 hour
Not spinning
from 165
from 1 hour
Lint buildup
from 165
from 1 hour

Numbers about company


Many years of experience in the repair of home equipment of various complexity.


Satisfied clients


Average repair time


Constant clients


Average time until the technician arrives

What Are Some Common Issues with dryer machine?
Why won't the dryer start?

If the machine is in good working order (the mains cable has no visible damage and the display unit is lit), it is possible that the power supply to the start button is missing or disrupted.

Why does the dryer make noise when drying?

The simplest variant – too much load of things. Otherwise, the noise can be caused by worn springs and counterweights.

What causes laundry to stay wet?

Each model of dryer is designed for a certain weight of clothes, you may have loaded too much. Otherwise, it is necessary to have a technician diagnose the problem, because it may be more serious.


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