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The technician arrived at the customer’s home at the scheduled time of 10am to perform the routine cleaning service on their tumble dryer model XTR392. The technician confirmed the work order and described the cleaning process. First, the exhaust vent was detached and thoroughly vacuumed to remove built up lint. Next, the front lint screen and trap were removed and scrubbed clean. The drum interior was then wiped down to eliminate any residual fabric softener and debris. Additionally, the air ducts were brushed and swept clear. After reassembling the dryer, the technician performed a 40 minute test cycle with towels to observe airflow and ensure proper drying function. Finally, the technician reviewed maintenance tips with the customer before departing, reminding them to regularly clean the lint trap and keep the surrounding area clear of obstruction. Overall the routine tumble dryer cleaning service successfully removed lint buildup and restored proper air circulation and drying ability.

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Repairman – Max

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3 hours

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